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We Are A Pride

We're big on celebrating our unique culture at Lion Roars, a philosophy largely driven by our teams at lodge level and in our head offices.

We believe in a work hard, play hard approach. That's why we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty and also why we spend Friday's (and quite honestly any other excuse we can think of) enjoying each other's company with a couple of fine South African reds. 

We #ProtectThePride

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First and foremost, we're a pride. What does this mean to us? 

Well, we can only move as fast as our youngest cub and we're only as wise and as powerful as our Chief Lion (hey there, Kev!). 

We learn from example, and we can carve out great territories if we keep our pride in mind.

Quite simply, to us this means: 

  • We work as a team and support each other
  • We own the problem and solve it
  • We value character and each other
  • We're a family - together we are strong

We #CanDo   

We help guests and each other whenever we can. 

Like that one time our Ops Manager, Rodger, changed a guests car tyre 1) well, because he can be a good guy, but 2) mostly because it was Friday and he kinda checks out mentally and starts dreaming of his first Klippies from 2pm...

Our Can Do attitude means that:

  • We do what ever we can
  • We do it with passion
  • We are always positive
  • We are hands on
  • We are self motivated
  • We strive to be outstanding

And most importantly we have fun! 

We Are #Consistent 

  • We get the basics right
  • We always deliver our "A" game
  • We are courageous under pressure
  • We think, decide and resolve  

 We #CareWhy

Simply put, we care about YOU!

We #LiftTheLid

We want our cubs to grow into the strongest and happiest versions of themselves. 


  • Allow the freedom to fail and learn
  • Give authority with responsibility
  • Mentor, encourage and guide
  • Provide the tools
  • Constantly create the learning experience

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